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Acne Fighter


Acne Fighter package

Following our recent renaissance of high frequency electrical current, we at Skin Deep have developed the Acne Fighter, a targeted skincare treatment package for acne and breakouts. This package uses high frequency technology to best advantage, in conjunction with the most effective products and applications at our disposal.

The aim of the package is to provide a real, solid start for the progression to clearer skin by combining a system of treatments over a period of four weeks, with interim support and personalised analysis to tailor the treatments throughout their course. These treatments consist of three facials, spaced two weeks apart to maximise results.

Day 1: Glycolic High Frequency Express Peel

This downtime-free facial incorporates a low-grade glycolic acid peel with the application of high frequency current. The glycolic acid kicks off proceedings with exfoliation, and by drawing toxins to the surface. The high frequency then targets the bacteria to shut down the breakouts faster.

During this period, the acne will appear to be somewhat more aggressive, as all the congestion is brought up through the skin at once, but the resolution of these breakouts will also be more aggressive, as the high frequency speeds up the process of clearing the bacteria.

Day 14: Salicylic Peel

The second facial includes a much more intensive peel, which uses salicylic acid to dissolve oils and provide a deep cleanse to the pores. Skin frosting can occur where the peel has penetrated further into the skin, usually at the site of recent breakouts. This can result in some dryness and flakiness, but a home-care package is provided to help manage this.

Day 28: High Frequency Ampoule Facial with Glycolic

By this stage of the treatment course, a lot of pimples and blackheads have started to disappear. The improvements will be visible, though they will depend on individual factors and the length of time the acne went untreated. All skin is different, and will have changed also over the course of the treatments, so at this point, we assess the skin to ascertain what it needs most. This determines any adjustments required for the final, more lengthy facial, to suit the skin’s healing progress and hydration levels, and also any recommendations for the daily skincare regime.

From here, we start to see the way ahead, and can establish what action is best to take next in the ongoing journey towards managing acne, and achieving and maintaining clearer skin.

For further information about the Acne Fighter package, please contact the salon.

From Left to Right:
First image prior to facials.
Second image, 2 weeks after first facial. The skin is smoother, and more refined but the congestion is coming to the surface.
Third image, 2 weeks after the Salicylic Peel. The congestion is clearing.
Final image, 2 weeks after the High Frequency Amouple facial. Much clearer skin, not breaking out, the skin journey is continuing – stay tuned for future updates!

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