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The Truth about PEELS


What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the phrase ‘chemical peel’? Skin coming off? Burnt flesh? Samantha from Sex and the City? Well, the fact of the matter is that these things can and do happen to faces that have been put in the wrong hands.

Chemical peels are not an airy fairy beauty treatment. They use medical grade active ingredients and so should be formulated and applied only by professionals. By all means, self-tan, give yourself a mani-pedi while bulk-watching reality TV – but when it comes to chemical peels, please, do not try this at home. We’ve seen burns people have inflicted on themselves and it’s not pretty.

So, why on earth, knowing all that, would anyone want do get this done? Because when the power of the peel is harnessed for good instead of evil, they can produce amazing results, pronto.

The key is to seek professional application from a trained therapist that you can trust. Here at Skin Deep, we only use Sothys peels, which have been specially formulated to use ingredients which give you the best bang for your buck, in safe percentages. In addition, our team receives regular training so that we can assess the needs of the client, assess the likely outcomes and give honest advice. We also use complementary products designed to soothe and minimise stress on the skin.

Here’s the low down on what we do:

Lactic peel: sounds weird, but this peel is all about hydration. The lactic acid works to stimulate natural collagen production, promoting more youthful, even-looking skin.

Glycolic peel: we call this the Pacman peel, because it targets your pores, going to work unblocking them. It provides a powerful deep cleanse, and is ideal for correcting oily build-up, breakouts and acne-prone skin.

Both of these peels deliver big-hitting results without having to worry about your face coming off. That said, we do advise that a peel is not particularly relaxing. While they can be incorporated into facials for next-level exfoliation, they are generally like an all-business treatment – less pampering but more intensive outcomes. Some people also experience tingling during application which can be slightly uncomfortable.

After a peel, our advice is to stay out of the sun (which is why we prefer winter peels ourselves) and we would recommend having a peel no less than a week before any special event, particularly if the main concern being addressed is congestion under the skin. Any serious build-up will be drawn out in the days following the peel, which can be annoying in the short term but is better in the long run. The most stunning results we’ve seen are derived from a course of 3-4 peels, each with a two week interval in between.

So, does this ap-peel to you? Get in touch for a personal skin assessment and we’ll give you our best recommendation for your individual needs.

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