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Our Top Beauty Hack for Lush Lashes


We have a good friend at Skin Deep who helps us out with the business side of beauty from time to time, but who has no interest in the beauty side of the business. We all get on famously, but fashion and cosmetics are just not her bag. She tunes out when we get excited about the latest Sothys product and the only highlighter she owns is from Office Works. She cares not if a brow is on fleek or if a PL is V.

So when we recently clocked her carrying on like a pork chop over our new lash lifting treatment, we knew we were onto an absolute winner.

“Does this really work? It’ll make my eyelashes curl up instead of down, and I won’t have to do anything with them for a couple of months?” she asked, gesticulating at our Elleebana info like it was some form of wondrous witchcraft.

We assured her this was the case – no falsies, no extensions, no curlers, no mascara. No hassle.

“And I won’t end up with bald lids or eye ringlets?” she wanted to know.

Just an eye-fringe of glory, said we. We explained that the treatment has been formulated to eliminate damage to the natural lashes and prettify

peepers with a minimum of maintenance.

“How come the curled lashes look longer? Doesn’t that defy logic?”

We had no answer for that, we just know that they DO. A curvy long-lashed wink was issued in reply.

If you too want natural, super lashes but can’t be bothered making them happen on a daily basis, give us a holler! The Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift is on its way to Skin Deep (and we’re carrying on like pork chops about it ourselves, TBH).

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