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Things Your Beauty Therapist Doesn’t Care About: Part 2


Sometimes we’ll be working away like busy little beavers and then suddenly come the questions and explanations about things that haven’t even crossed our minds. We know that blood pressure can get high when legs are akimbo or when people are (literally) under the magnifying glass, but rest assured – we’re not thinking about any of these things and we really wish you weren’t either:

Isn’t Braz waxing awks as?
We get asked this all the time. What you need to understand is that Brazillian waxing to a beauty therapist is like trout skinning to a chef – it’s a routine part of the job. It’s just one of the many things we do several times a day. We’re not getting a kick out of it, nor do we hate it. We’re just focused on doing it well.

I’ve got a few stretch marks…
When we’re performing a massage of facial, the last thing we want our clients to be doing is worrying. We want you to relax and enjoy the treatment, not fret about stretch marks, wrinkles, stomach rumbling, chipped toenails, pit hair, daggy undies or us touching your bum.

I’m sorry, I’ve been really busy lately
There’s no need to apologise for DIY beauty. We don’t expect people to allocate several hours every week to professional treatments. There’s no pressure because we understand that DIY really does the trick sometimes. For the record, we sometimes cut our own hair when it’s more convenient to give a quick snip at home. Or when we’re feeling emotional (not recommended)

Oh my last facial was… never… *blushes*
We love facials. We think they can do amazing things for the skin and are gloriously enjoyable as well. That said, we know they’re not essential to sustaining life. If you’ve come in for a skin assessment and we ask about what treatments you get and what products you use, it’s to work out how to help you, not judge you.

This is just my actual face shape
You don’t contour. We don’t mind. It’s not mandatory that you try to change the shape of your face with makeup. It’s not mandatory that you wear makeup at all. We’re here to help you feel good and facilitate your own style, not shame you into conforming to someone else’s. So chin up, ladies! It matters not what shape your jawline takes.

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