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Top Tips from the Skin Deep Team: Part 1 – Prime Time


The world is full of wacko beauty advice and mad fads that come and go and leave you maimed, jaded and/or unseasonably bald in a variety of places. In an effort to stem the tide of crazy, we’re breaking it down to the basics and giving you the beauty advice we absolutely swear by – not the kind that makes us swear.

Brooke: “Not to prime is a crime”

Primer. It’s a gift from the gods, the nectar of the heavens, a beauty product worthy of some worship. Not only does is allow your foundation to go on smoothly and hold it in place throughout the day, it’s also a fantastic antidote to the eye sweating and crinkliness that causes eyeshadow pigment to slip off the lids and wallow in the eye-nooks.

When choosing a primer, it’s important to match to both your skin type and your foundation type. Check the foundation and primer are either both water based or both oil based, otherwise they will repel each other, causing blotchiness in your makeup. Also think about what you want your primer to do – above and beyond preventing creasing, flaking and wearing off of your makeup, that is. Illuminating primers are great for brightening skin and giving it a natural dewy glow, mattifying primers suit oily skin types and green tinted primers work well to even out red skin tone from rosacea or acne-prone skin.

Using primer: It’s essential to moisturise first, and to wait ten minutes (or until primer is tacky to the touch) before applying foundation.

Choosing primer: Ask for samples! Don’t throw money around willy-nilly before trying primer and makeup out together to see how they wear on your skin. You’ll know you’ve found The One when your foundation glides on silkily, and you get the effect of radiant, even-toned skin and make-up that stays in the PM where you put it in the AM. Hallelujah for primer!

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