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Skincare 101: Part Two – Moisturising


The first part of our skincare 101 was all about getting cleansing down to a fine art, creating a great base for your skin to be clear and ready to take on all the goodness you can give it – and the most integral goody that should always be on hand (and face) is moisturiser.

(Every) One must moisturise

A decent moisturiser that really means business will do several things: treat skin concerns, keep the skin in great condition, and most importantly, hydrate and protect the skin. All skin, no matter the type. As addressed in our post about ‘The best beauty tips to never follow’, despite the myth, oily skin is just as in need of moisturiser as dry skin. A well-selected moisturiser will actually help to control the oil flow, mattify the skin and help with texture.

Switching it up

Moisturisers come in a range of mediums including cream, fluid and gel, and while the type you choose can simply come down to personal preference, it’s also worth assessing how your skin reacts to changing weather conditions throughout the year to determine whether variations are required at different times, rather than using the same moisturiser every day. For example, you may require a lighter-weight, more sun-protective moisturiser in summer, and a thicker, hydrating moisturiser when the heaters come on in winter. The change of seasons is also a great time to see what’s new and exciting in the world, so talk to your professional skincare therapist about their latest product training.

Night cream vs day cream

Some people don’t like the consistency of traditional night creams, and to be honest, they aren’t essential. Using a regular moisturiser before bed is preferable for many and is perfectly fine. There are some benefits to using a night cream that may be of particular interest however, so it’s worth looking into.

Night creams and richer moisturisers and tend to carry more active ingredients that set to work while you snooze. If vitamins, AHAs and other acids really work for you, you’re better off getting your dose at night, as certain ingredients such as these shouldn’t really be used on your skin while you’re exposing yourself to sunlight.

Stay tuned for the final post in our Skincare 101 series – we’re taking a look at the added extras that can really make your skin sing!

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