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Top Tips from the Skin Deep Team: Part 2 – Think Skinny


Did you know that humans have skin all over their bodies? Really! It’s true! Have a look! Now, once you’ve had a look – look after it.

Taylor: “Care for your skin – all of it”
The skin is an organ and it’s important to look after it in its entirety, rather than just taking care of the skin on our faces. Otherwise it’s a bit like brushing your two front teeth and saying to hell with the rest.

That said, because the skin is also the largest organ of the body, it can take some extra commitment to make sure we don’t neglect it. But it can be done! So, if you could sand the dinner table with your elbows or go bushwalking barefoot without a qualm, it’s time to step up your routine and make a better investment in what is an often harshly treated organ. Here’s how:

Hands and Feet: The skin on our hands and feet cops the most stress on a daily basis, yet it is usually the most neglected. Try lathering your feet in coconut oil before bed then popping on some cotton socks. Wash off in the morning and hey presto! You’ll have smooth feet and your hands will be nurtured by the application too.

Arms and Legs: Exfoliation is key here! Not only does it help various skin problems, it also removes dead skin cells and increases blood circulation which helps achieve healthy, smooth, glowing skin. Follow up with a good dose of moisturiser and you’re onto a winner.

Neck and Chest: This tender skin is susceptible to UV rays, yet many people forget to apply sunscreen here (and on their ears) when they apply it to their faces. Keep up the SPF to prevent sun damage and use a thicker moisturiser than the one you use on your face for a bit of extra hydration.

Back and Shoulders: Here it’s important to look not just at the skin, but what’s underneath it too. We hold a lot of stress in our shoulders and back, often without even knowing it. Doing gentle at-home stretches and applying heat packs aids the muscles in relaxation and improves blood flow through to the skin.

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