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Top Tips from the Skin Deep Team: Part 3 – Hack It


Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make all the difference in life. Like fro-yo, or that one emoji that perfectly expresses your mental state. Such simple tweaks on the original idea, yet such wonderful results. The same goes for any beauty routine: a few clever tricks of the trade can save all kinds of money and time – and ensure all your emoticons are happy ones.

Kellie: “Beauty smarter, not harder”

1. There is no situation more stressful than creating one perfectly winged eye… and then trying to match it on the other. Best tip: don’t go freehand. Eyeliner tape will make the process quicker, easier, and freer from angst.

2. The second most stressful situation: trying to get your falsies on straight, realising they’re not sticking yet, trying to hold them in place while they dry, and ending up with them stuck halfway up your eyelid. Counterintuitive as it seems, let the glue sit and dry for a minute. Putting your lashes on once the glue has gone tacky is a lot easier.

3. Save your fave nail polishes from having to get prematurely turfed by keeping them in the fridge. Keeping them cool will prevent them from drying out and getting gluggy before their time.

4. Got every beauty product under the sun in your bathroom? Save your bikkies to invest in your key skincare and cosmetic items and ditch all the junk. Instead of buying countless nail treatments, buff your nails to promote healthy oils on the nail plate. Forgo brow gel in favour of a smidge of hairspray on a brow comb. And for the cheapest and most effective at-home body scrub, mix together some sugar and coconut oil.

5. And, if you’re still frustrated by your at-home efforts and just want someone else to sort things out and give you a bit of pampering, then just stop, get yourself a fro-yo, and make an appointment with us. Smiley face.

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