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Back treatments: Taking facials to the flipside


Your back is like your face.

Well, there are a few differences, but we haven’t got this back to front – it’s time to face the back.

You see, all over our skin, we have tiny little glands that secrete an oily substance called sebum. Sebum is one of nature’s genius little survival aids and was great for repelling rain in winter and staving off dehydration when we were running about our caves in the good old prehistoric days.

It still does the same for us now, in a less critical way, and doesn’t cause any problems so long as we don’t have glands that over-secrete, and we can exfoliate properly. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many people, and due to the concentration and location of these glands, this results in skin problems in two main places: the face and the back.

Oils can build up with bacteria and dead skin cells on the back, causing issues such as acne, just as they do on the face. But why is acne so prevalent on the back when the face has the highest concentration of sebum-secreting glands? The back has its fair share, but they are in other places too. Why don’t we see more forearm acne as well, or knee acne? This is due to the other factor: location.

The back is harder to attend to when exfoliating, especially for people with mobility problems. It can be hard to reach, hard to see (given it’s literally not there in front of us) and can be neglected in skincare regimes. For some people, this means acne, for others it means dryness.

This is where we come in. We have developed two back treatments, which help tackle skin problems in this area in less than 45 minutes.

Standard Back Treatment: cleanse, granular exfoliation with steam, hydration mask.

Targeted Back Treatment: the above plus glycolic/salicyclic peel, extractions, high frequency application.

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